From Insight to Execution

High Performance Teams Require High Performance LeadersWe optimize leadership performance for your high potentials enabling them to reach their full potential. Investing in your organization’s most talented leaders uniquely positions them to handle today’s dynamic and changing business environment. This investment pays off.

Organizations get the most through improved productivity, efficiency and direct impact to the bottom line.

Sage Alliance provides leaders with the vital business insight of a clear Performance Brand.

Through executive coaching, team building and workshops, leaders gain powerful insight, crystallize opportunities for growth and fine tune their strengths, enabling them to make the greatest impact.

Industry leading assessments along with 360 tools are utilized to provide increased self awareness and can be leveraged to fit both the individual and organization’s needs.

“I’m committed to helping leaders realize their Performance Brand. It’s a means to guide leaders in their careers, position them to be more successful and establish them as top performers within their organizations. That’s the power of building a Performance Brand.”

~ Shelley Hammell
Sage Alliance, Inc.

Leaders are better equipped to:

  • Step-up to growing responsibilities and challenges
  • Act decisively despite ambiguity and uncertainty
  • Gain clarity around constraints and achieve goals
  • Set a clear course of action
  • Execute successfully

Sage Alliance provides high potential leaders with vital business insight into how to optimize their performance through a clear Performance Brand. When there is clarity on individual strengths and the value provided, leaders are more effective in achieving their business goals and executing on them successfully.

This investment pays off: Sage Alliance clients typically receive a promotion within 12 – 18 months of their coaching engagement.