Take Control, Power up Your Brand

Power up Your BrandProbably the single biggest question I get from my clients is why their hard work doesn’t pay off. We figure if we put our heads down and work as hard as we can we’ll get noticed. The problem is those in senior leadership are busy, they have a lot on their plates and what gets noticed is that the work got done, end of story. But not how you got it done. This is where branding is so vital. Follow this seven point plan to take control of and steer your career.

1. Increase Self-Awareness This is the first step in a branding campaign. Take one of the many assessments available in the market, chose one or see what your company uses. Get to know yourself, inside and out.

2. Develop a Consistent Image Everything either attracts or detracts from your brand. Your verbal and non-verbal cues, the way you dress, your attitude. Ensure your image is consistent in everything you say and do.

3. Get Feedback Understand current perception about your brand from the minds of those that work with you and interact with you on a frequent basis. Be proactive and find out how others see your brand.

4. Focus! Don’t try and be all things to all people. Good brands focus on filling a specific need. They don’t try to be everything for everybody.

5. Differentiate Yourself What is unique about you? How do you stand apart from the “crowd”? Answer these questions and zero in on your point of differentiation.

6. Develop Your Elevator Speech Whether talking to your boss or a co-worker or attending a networking function, you need to be able to communicate your brand; who you are and what you stand for.

7. Take Action Create your marketing plan. What steps will you take to close any gaps in your brand?

Follow my seven point plan to power up your brand and take control of your career!

Sage Alliance, a Leadership Performance Company, provides coaching, teambuilding and assessments, workshops and speaking on topics including; leadership development, empowering teams, communications, lasting impressions, personal branding and building a coaching culture for executives and high-potentials – for both team and individual leaders.

Contact us today to discover how your organization can get the most through improved productivity, efficiency and direct impact to your bottom line, while leaders gain powerful insight, crystallize opportunities for growth and fine tune their strengths, enabling them to make the greatest impact. You can contact Shelley Hammell directly at shammell@thesagealliance.com.

  1. Cynthia Atkins says:

    I appreciate the information shared on branding. I have always been interested in this topic and this article was a great pause in a very busy day. My favorite bullet is number 4.

    Focus! Don’t try and be all things to all people. Good brands focus on filling a specific need. They don’t try to be everything for everybody.

    That’s a great level setter!

    Thanks again.

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