“Shelley is a fantastic executive coach! Her coaching style could be described in the following way:

  • Great listener
  • Has a wonderful ability to sum up themes
  • Provides inspiring and dynamic guidance
  • Fully present in discussions
  • Supportive
  • Helps create actionable goals for the participant”
  • Paula Wagner
    Director of Business Operations and Development at Turner Broadcasting

    “You hit a grand slam this morning! Way to Go! Great content – pens were flying! Excellent presentation – you had our full attention. Congratulations!” – Robin L.

    “What an EXCELLENT program. I benefited so much from the teleconference and will definitely take initiatives to put what I’ve learned to practice. I thought Shelley was a great speaker and articulated the material very well. I actually came away with great take-away points which I intend to fully utilize and put to good use immediately. This was seminar was a breath of fresh-air and different from many that I have attended over the years. Thank you very much.” – Karin E.

    “The topic and information presented were very useful. Shelley Hammell was also engaging and provided great insight.” – Michele A.

    “I attended a seminar as part of the Mentor’s program at which you spoke. I found your session extremely helpful personally. I was wondering if you might be available to speak to a group of 100 as a keynote speaker at our luncheon. I really think your presentation was effective and would be right on target for our group.” – Dawn A.

    “I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your speaking at yesterday’s WIT meeting. You were really terrific! As I said yesterday, I believe you were our best presenter for the whole year, which says a lot considering the line-up that we had. Thanks again for a great topic and the strategic as well as tactical guidance for career success.” – Jody K.

    “I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed talking with you and listening to your presentation this morning. I walked away from the session much more inspired than I anticipated!! Just in that short time I was able to glean some great insights about how to think through positioning me – and by the transitive property my company – in the marketplace.” – Amelia F.

    “I was in your audience yesterday afternoon and congratulate you on your presentation. This was the first Possible Woman conference I attended. Your seminar was excellent.” – Lya S.

    “Thank you so much! I have heard just rave reviews about this morning. I will tell you that you gave me some insight and hit some personal hot buttons — Thank you! Appreciate you taking the time – and sharing such mentoring for such a large group. It was a very good thing.” – Terry T.

    “I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much I enjoyed last week’s WICT Luncheon. Shelley Hammell was an energetic speaker and covered a lot of material in the short time that we had together. I walked away with a renewed focus and specific action items for building on my own personal brand.” – Janice J.

    “I very much enjoyed this webcast presentation. Shelley Hammell did a wonderful job presenting the Personal Branding topic in a way that was relevant and encouraging. I look forward to joining future events like this. Thank you.” – Melody R.

    “Thank you for the opportunity to hear Shelley Hammell speak on a very relevant topic that concerns me personally. Trying to stand out from the crowd in these difficult economical times is always on my mind. I’m excited to put Shelley’s tips into practice!” – Lynn J.

    “Your presentation at our Marketing Leadership Council not only received very high ratings, it has continued to be a source of conversation and action for several attendees – the true test!“ – Karen L.

    “Shelley – that was great this morning. Having never heard one of your sessions I was really impressed. Better still I am lucky to have someone like you as a good friend. Both of my associates really enjoyed the session too. Quite a natural you are at this.” – Catherine L.

    “You did a terrific job this morning. It was worth getting up early. Your presentation left a really strong lasting impression.” – Dawn R.

    “I was very impressed with the presentation as was everyone I spoke with. Touche – you have really found your calling.” – Wendy S.

    “Thank you for an informative webinar, I didn’t expect to learn this much in an hour!” – Amy W.

    “You are so good at facilitating and you shined yet again yesterday. You are confident in your delivery, know how to adjust to the audience, and make your points relevant.” – Stacy S.

    “I wanted to share with you something from today’s wrap-up of the Golden Living meeting. The tables spent a few minutes discussing (among themselves) what they found most valuable or memorable from the meetings. Then, they went around the room, and a spokesperson from each table shared what they’d discussed. Almost every single table mentioned you and your presentation. You made a significant impact on this group. I thought you might like to know how much the information and takeaways you shared resonated with everyone.” – Megan S.

    “It was great to have Shelley as my personal coach, my time spent with her was incredibly eye opening.” – Leslie L.

    “I just attended your webinar and thought it was great.” – Egon A.

    “I really liked your presentation style.” – Linda W.

    “Thank you for the very informative webinar with lots of great advice.” – Valene S.

    “I really enjoyed your presentation today.” – Sara J.

    “Thanks for an excellent presentation!” – Anita S.