Executive Coaching

Optimize Your Leadership

Organizational strength starts with it’s leaders. By growing leaders, organizations can improve performance and profitability leading to tangible bottom line results. In fact, studies show a company’s investment in providing coaching to its executives realized an average return on investment (ROI) of almost six times the cost of the coaching.

Sage Alliance assesses the needs of high-potential leaders and customizes a coaching program based on those needs. Once the specific needs are identified, Sage Alliance tailors an action plan that focuses on optimizing performance and attaining those goals.

The Sage Method includes a three pronged approach:

  • Insight. We identify strengths and growth opportunities through industry-leading assessment tools. When leaders know their strengths, they can leverage them successfully. In turn, when leaders are aware of opportunities for growth they can develop strategies and position themselves to reach their full potential.
  • Performance Branding. Creation and positioning of a leader’s Performance Brand. When a leader has clarity, they are able to communicate their value in a concise manner that gets results. They’re able to connect the dots between their performance and accomplishments and the organization’s goals. Executives with a strong Performance Brand are more effective and provide the needed leadership for an organization that gets results.
  • Execution. An action plan is created and milestones and measurements are established. Progress is evaluated along the way. Leaders are equipped with a roadmap to evaluate their progress ensuring they are more successful in executing on their goals.
“My passion is in helping guide high-potential leaders make a greater impact. I provide the insight and laser focus to hone in on the changes they need to make to ensure they realize the necessary shifts and achieve the desired results.”

~ Shelley Hammell
Sage Alliance, Inc.

Sage Alliance combines our years of extensive coaching with top performers and our vast business and executive level expertise, on the ins and outs of leadership performance, to:

  • Provide practical recommendations and strategies
  • Help establish measurements and milestones
  • Deliver a customized action plan
  • Evaluate progress and provide accountability

With Sage Alliance, you have the commitment of a seasoned business professional to guide and coach your high-potential leaders through a proven method that gets results. Shelley Hammell, President of Sage Alliance is known for her candidness, thought provoking style and inspiration. Her approach delivers the focus and accountability that encourages clients to make the necessary changes to achieve their goals.