Group Coaching

Peer to Peer Development

The value of bringing top performers in your organization together for continued development is enormous. By connecting high potential leaders, they have the opportunity to interact with each other to gain additional awareness, collaborate and build camaraderie within their peer group.

Group coaching helps leaders tackle mutual challenges including building talent, succession planning and expanding their influence. Leaders develop individual action plans and gain the benefit of group support to help them achieve their goals.

Group coaching is a great way to extend the benefits of one-to-one coaching to a larger audience in a cost effective manner. Whether it’s leaders who are geographically dispersed or a diverse group of top performers within different parts of the organization, the benefits are numerous.

  • Sharing of best practices
  • Provides a sounding board
  • Peer to peer feedback and learning
  • Development of strong alliances

Group coaching combines industry leading assessment tools, group and individual coaching and interactive sessions. Programs can be designed to fit your needs for making a greater impact in growing and developing your top leaders for optimized performance.