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Delegation Worksheet
Use the Sage Alliance Delegation worksheet to help delegate your projects more effectively.

Delegation WorksheetExcerpt: “The following steps will help you fill out the Sage Alliance Delegation Worksheet. Your success depends on it and your team will be happier with the new challenges and opportunities your delegation creates.”
To read the rest download Delegation Worksheet

Sage Alliance Tips for Powering up Your Brand
A proven seven-point plan for achieving success in branding yourself effectively.

Tips for powering up your brandExcerpt: “We all know the power of branding from our everyday lives. We have a favorite soda, water or other beverage that we reach for, over all others, to quench our thirst. We enjoy a particular brand of cereal and we choose this brand over hundreds of other brands at the supermarket. And we choose to drive a particular car because of the brand.”
To read the rest download Tips for Powering up Your Brand

One-Word Infographic
Infographic on ONE Word to Describe Your Personal Brand

One Word InfographicExcerpt: “Can you boil your personal brand down to the ONE word that describes your value? I posed a similar question on LinkedIn; What ONE word do you want people to think of when they think of you? I was amazed by the responses. To date, I’ve had 32,415 comments. I never imagined how this question would resonate with people. As a result, I created an infographic to highlight how people position their brand in ONE word.”
To read the rest download One Word Infographic

COIN Worksheet
Circle Of Influence Network Worksheet

COIN WorksheetExcerpt: “The first step to generate COIN is to identify and diagnose those in your network. Use this step-by-step approach below for creating your own COIN.
1) Write your name in the middle of a piece of paper. 2) Draw three concentric circles around your name, think of a bull’s-eye with your name in the middle. 3) Plot the people in your network around each of these three circles (see the next page for the COIN model)….”

To read the rest download COIN Worksheet

Sage Alliance Executive Coaching Self-Assessment
This self-assessment is to help determine a base line on an individual and identify areas where coaching would be effective.

Sage Alliance Executive Coaching Self-Assessment (pdf)Excerpt: “Please answer the following questions using the rating that best fits the statement below: 5 = Strongly agree, 4 = Somewhat agree, 3 = Neutral, 2 = Disagree, 1= Strongly disagree
__ I feel fully prepared to take the next step in my career. __ I know where I want to be in five years and I am pro-actively managing my
career to get there. __ I know what my strengths are and I ensure I am leveraging them every day
in my job….”

To read the rest download Sage Alliance Executive Coaching Self-Assessment

Improving Communication through the HBDI and Team Building Case Study
A case study exploring the challenge of combining two engineering teams, each led by leaders with different communication styles, into a single cohesive team. By the end of the session, participants had improved communication and interaction, and each created a personal action plan.

Improving Communication through the HBDI and Team Building (pdf)Excerpt: “Challenge: A re-organization and downsizing brought two separate engineering teams together. This group supports multiple products and each engineer supports a particular product. These engineers primarily work independently on their own product and don’t interface with each other on a regular basis. This is a two-in-the box structure whereby two leaders, with very different communication and management styles, are now leading one combined team.

Desired Outcome: The managers wanted to seamlessly bring the two teams together and promote further interaction, knowledge transfer and communication of best practices.”
To read the rest download Improving Communication through the HBDI and Team Building Case Study