Team Building

Optimize Team Performance

Does your team share ideas, contribute equally and learn from working with each other?

The ability to work towards a common goal is the foundation of an effective team. However, sometimes that goal becomes muddied and vying objectives and agendas emerge. This can lead to counterproductive behavior that can have a negative impact on interpersonal relationships and team productivity. How does your team deal with conflict or differences of opinion? What are each person’s strengths and roles within the team? And how do different personality styles work in the construct of the team?

Gain Clarity
Sage Alliance helps you identify problem areas, gain clarity around unclear roles and uncover the successful dimensions to building and optimizing your team. With an understanding of the roles within a team, communications will be improved leading to increased collaboration as the team work towards a common goal.

An Integrated Approach
Sage Alliance’s approach ties team building to the goals and objectives of the organization thereby empowering people to make the necessary shifts and integrate those changes effectively.

  • Roles within the team are defined
  • Conflict is reduced and collaboration is improved
  • Communications are enhanced
  • Desired outcomes are identified
  • Action plan is created

Experiential exercises are employed to enhance learning into individual strengths and team dynamics. Opportunities for further synergies are uncovered to optimize team performance and ensure your team is working together more effectively.