The Power of Performance Branding

Making a Greater Impact through Personal Branding

In this interactive workshop, participants will learn the power of Performance Branding and how best to position themselves for success based on the unique skills, passion and value they bring to the table. Through a proven assessment tool, we’ll explore personal and behavioral styles and their perceptions in the workplace along with essential tips on managing these perceptions to optimize performance. Armed with this information, participants will build a Performance Inventory highlighting their strengths and unique talents, create their own commercial to promote themselves and complete a Performance Marketing Plan to take immediate action to position or reposition themselves within the organization. All this to create a Performance Brand that will prove critical to being more effective in achieving and executing their business goals and providing the needed leadership for their organization’s that gets results.

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Develop a Cohesive Team

Team Building through Improved Awareness

Members of a team each contribute a unique communications style, approach and diverse set of behaviors. The ability to work effectively on a team is vital to the success of any organization. However these differences in style, approach and behavior are what in many instances render a team ineffective. This workshop is designed to enable participants to gain greater self-awareness, recognize and appreciate differences and develop strategies to be more effective.

Leveraging an industry-leading assessment, participants will:

  • Uncover blind spots and learn strategies to close gaps
  • Gain insight into how to communicate more effectively
  • Recognize stressors that can impact the team negatively
  • With this understanding leaders become more effective individually and as part of a broader team. Participants learn how to flex their style and tailor their communication to optimize team performance. This results in improved alignment and greater satisfaction amongst the team members.

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    Leaders as Coaches

    Transform Your Culture into a Coaching Culture

    Today’s dynamic and changing business environment requires leaders to do more with less, make decisions quickly and take on additional responsibilities, all without a roadmap. Instead of the traditional command and control management practice, successful leaders are learning how to effectively coach their teams to empower them to reach their full potential and maximize their performance. In this experiential workshop, participants will learn the importance of not just managing but coaching their employees to bring out the best in them. Through hands-on exercises, leaders will learn the key steps to effective coaching and will practice the skills that make an effective coach. Organizations that put their leaders through this session will:

    • Improve problem solving and decision making skills
    • Foster trust and rapport
    • Instill ownership and accountability
    • Optimize performance
    • Bolster morale
    • Establish a positive coaching culture

    Participants will leave with the critical techniques and tools necessary to inspire, motivate and empower their employees immediately.

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    Create a Lasting Impression

    Develop Your Communications and Presence for Success

    Whether in a meeting, a one-to-one communication or a networking event, every exchange creates a lasting impression. Do you know what your presence reveals about you and are you making a professional impression? This experiential workshop focuses on leveraging those things that enhance your professional presence while recognizing detractors. By understanding the impact your actions, words and behavior have on an audience, business professionals can create a lasting impression, one that contributes to reaching their ultimate goal. Through interactive exercises and case studies, participants will zero-in on their current presence, develop strategies to minimize the detractors that can “derail” them and create a roadmap to build their professional presence. When leaders have a strong professional presence they are able to sell their ideas, build consensus throughout the organization and are more effective in achieving results.

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    Leadership Derailers

    A Roadmap for Staying On Course

    Based on the popular book, “Why CEO’s Fail” and on the Hogan Assessment, this workshop provides proven strategies to enhance self awareness and leadership strength. Participants will learn how to recognize the key warning signs and triggers for potentially negative behaviors that can trip them up in being effective leaders. Participants will zero-in on ineffective behaviors and develop strategies to effectively manage those behaviors so as not to veer off course. Participants will leave with a personalized roadmap for success.

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    Improve Your Net Worth; Network!

    Grow Your Visibility

    Career success alone is not defined by a job well done. We think our performance exclusively determines our ascent on the corporate ladder. However to take that next step, one must have the visibility and exposure that comes from building a solid network. Without this, it makes it even more challenging to reach your career goals. Building your network has its benefits and being able to promote yourself becomes paramount. This workshop focuses on the importance of self-promotion and what it means to grow your visibility.

    In this workshop, participants will learn how to:

  • Develop strategies for self-promotion
  • Gain visibility for their accomplishments
  • Establish corporate champions
  • Build and nurture a healthy network
  • Those that are successful are savvy leaders who build authentic networks that work.

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    Turn Your Vision into Goals

    Achieve Higher Performance

    Did you know that setting goals leads to higher performance in 90% of cases where no goals are set. Yet less than 20% of the population ever sets goals for themselves. A leader’s success is measured by their ability to work on the right things and execute on a plan successfully. But without a plan, goals are just dreams, something that you think about but with no means to achieve them. This session focuses on the importance of goal setting and linking top priorities with execution. A methodology for gaining clarity on both short and long-range goals will be explored. Participants will learn how to assess their top priorities and better define their goals. Attendees will leave with a detailed plan and actionable steps to help them execute on their goals to improve their effectiveness.

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